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The Board & Contacts

Gin Murphey

SVHOA President

Stephen Palmer

SVHOA Vice President

Steve Murphy

SVHOA Secretary/Treasurer

Gail Bunker

SVHOA Plans Chair

Rick Jones

SVHOA Parks Chair

Jennifer Yuen

Crier Editor

Steve Murphy


Block Captains

Marlow Apartments

Volunteer(s) Needed

3001 - 3075 Brookfield

Nate Dahl

54-191 Covington

Diane Russell (Lead Block Captain)

200-287 Covington

Jeanette Ward

301-351 Covington

Mark Muller

Cranford Way

Abby Joseph

2-44 Danbury

Lucy Stokely

2-14 & 30 Marlow

Volunteer(s) Needed

81-188 Marlow

Nicole Easterday

201-227 Marlow

Mary Lou Thiercof

230-257 Marlow

George & Leealyn Brandt

260-281 Marlow

Valesia Ho

301 - 351 Marlow

Nancy & Peter Lemcke

356-417 Marlow

Jill Warner

3000-3070 Middleton

Joey Xanders

3074-3177 Middleton

Zainab Nasir

2901-3079 Revere

Gin Murphey

3210-3220 Revere

Volunteer(s) Needed

3223-3378 Revere

JoJo (Joanna) Casillas


Richard Jones

3000-3120 Roxbury

Johnny Singh

If you'd like to contact your block captain please email

Contact the HOA


(510) 936-1611


Thanks for submitting!
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