Villager Spotlight -
Rachel & David and Sigal & Kyle

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You may be wondering if those four kids are siblings and who lives where in our house and if the two moms are sisters — we get asked that a lot. 


We are two families all living together at 319 Marlow Drive. David and Rachel, Aodhan (5 years old) and Aoife (2) live upstairs, and Kyle and Sigal, Lev (6), Gil (3), and Carmella dog live downstairs. 


We moved to Sheffield Village in April 2015. David and Rachel moved from Oakland, and Sigal and Kyle moved back to California from Washington DC. Right before Lev was born we completed a kitchen downstairs for their family— thanks to Kyle who somehow knew how to tile, put down wood floors etc. 

Whats New

  1. Next HOA Board Meeting 7/27/22 @ 7pm on ZOOM.  Click here for to join the meeting

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