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Villager Spotlight -
Nancy Folkers & Peter Lemcke


Nancy and Peter are a rare pair of Bay Area natives. Nancy Folkers was born and raised in Livermore, California and lived there until she moved to San Leandro when she was 18. Peter Lemcke grew up in San Leandro, about five minutes from Sheffield Village. Peter is 1st generation American.  His parents came from Germany before he was born. Peter’s first language was German; he didn’t learn English until he went to Kindergarten (to which his parents made him wear lederhosen– the teachers loved him, but he said it was good he was always bigger than the other kids).

Whats New

SVHOA ANNUAL Board Elections Meeting:  

January 7, 2023  @ 10 am:  

Milford Tennis Court:

Bring your ballot/proxy.

Homeowners welcome to attend.  Questions?


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